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Brand story

Started from lacquer

Health food brand using natural materials


Selecting and developing various materials that are beneficial to our body

Bio R&D

Continued product development and research activities in cooperation with biotech


Contribute to improving customer health by eating health food beyond regular foods

Okannae, that located in Jechon city-Natural recovery city that well-being city harmonized with nature and environment-
Striving product development with the think that the food is which for me and my family.
Okannae Keep the principles and make them meticulously.

Lacquer working good in our body, as Insan Kim-Il-Hoon said that "Lacquer is the food
that as good as wild jinseng" in his book named "Gu-se-sim-bang"
But, although we know lacquer is good for us but afraid to eat due to its poison.

Lacquer is one of the best health food if its poison removed.
Okannae removed lacquer poison with fermentation technique, developed lacquer essence
that everyone can eat with comfortable mind, and awarded the industrial Prize in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Food, Science and Technology.